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Research—Faculty Papers

2001-2003, numbers 448-705

UCTC faculty have published nearly 900 papers since the center's founding. Because the files are so large, we have broken them into chronological chunks.

Below are the papers from the 2003 back through 2001 (paper numbers going back to 448.) Additional files can be found on the sidebar.

At times, a paper was not published on the UCTC site until some time after it first appeared. If you don't find it in the year you expect, try searching by author, using the UCTC site search box above.

Taylor, Brian D., Mark Garrett, and Hiroyuki Iseki Measuring the Effects of Peaking, Vehicle Capital, and Passenger Capacity on the Cost of Providing Transit Service 2003, Fall 705

Taylor, Brian D., Martin Wachs, Kurt Luhrsen, Lewison Lee Lem, Eugene Kim, and Michael Mauch Variations in Fare Payment and Public Subsidy by Race and Ethnicity: An Examination of the Los Angeles MTA 2003, Fall 704

Luhrsen, Kurt F., and Brian D. Taylor The High Cost of Flat Fares: An Examination of Ridership Demographics and Fare Policy at the Los Angeles MTA 2003, Fall 703

Taylor, Brian D., Hiroyuki Iseki, and Mark Garrett How Much Does a Transit Trip Cost? 2003, Fall 702

Garrett, Mark, and Brian D. Taylor Reconsidering Social Equity in Public Transit 2003, Fall 701

Iseki, Hiroyuki, and Brian D. Taylor The Demographics of Public Transit Subsidies: A Case Study of Los Angeles 2003, Fall 700

Law, Philip, and Brian D. Taylor Shelter from the Storm: Optimizing Distribution of Bus Stop Shelters in Los Angeles 2003, Fall 699

Taylor, Brian D., Mark Garrett, and Hiroyuki Iseki Measuring Cost Variability in Provision of Transit Service 2003, Fall 698

Schipper, Lee, Elizabeth Deakin, and Daniel Sperling Sustainable Transportation: The Future of the Automobile in an Environmentally Constrained World 2003, Fall 697

Lee, Ming S., Ramesh Sabetiashraf, Sean T. Doherty, Craig R. Rindt, and Michael G. McNally Conducting an Interactive Survey of Household Weekly Activities via Internet: Preliminary Results from a Pilot Study 2003, Fall 696

Lee, Ming S., and Michael G. McNally On the Structure of Weekly Activity/Travel Patterns 2003, Fall 695

Lee, Ming S., Jin-Hyuk Chung, and Michael G. McNally An Empirical Investigation of the Underlying Behavioral Processes of Trip Chaining 2003, Fall 694

McNally, Michael G., and Ming S. Lee Putting Behavior in Household Travel Behavior Data: An Interactive GIS-Based Survey via the Internet 2003, Fall 693

Kean, Andrew J., Robert A. Harley, and Gary R. Kendall Effects of Vehicle Speed and Engine Load on Motor Vehicle Emissions 2003, Fall 692

Sperling, Daniel, and Deborah Salon Transportation in Developing Countries: An Overview of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies 2003, Fall 691

Lipman, Todd, and Daniel Sperling Market Concepts, Competing Technologies and Cost Challenges for Automotive and Stationary Applications 2003, Fall 690

Sperling, Daniel FreedomCAR and Fuel Cells: Toward the Hydrogen Economy? 2003, Fall 689

Sperling, Daniel, and Eileen Clausen The Developing World's Motorization Challenge 2003, Fall 688

Sperling, Daniel Cleaner Vehicles - Handbook 4: Transport and the Environment 2003, Fall 687

Brown, Jeffrey, Daniel Baldwin Hess, and Donald Shoup Fare-Free Public Transit at Universities: An Evaluation 2003, Fall 686

Raphael, Steven, and Michael Stoll Can Boosting Minority Car-Ownership Rates Narrow Inter-Racial Employment Gaps? 2003, Fall 685

Holzer, Harry J., John M. Quigley, and Steven Raphael Public Transit and the Spatial Distribution of Minority Employment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment 2003, Fall 684

Horvath, Arpad Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Assessment of Using Recycled Materials for Asphalt Pavements 2003, Fall 683

Taylor, Brian D., Douglas Miller, Hiroyuki Iseki, and Camille Fink Analyzing the Determinants of Transit Ridership Using a Two-Stage Least Squares Regression on a National Sample of Urbanized Areas 2003, Fall 682

Taylor, Brian D., and Camille N. Y. Fink The Factors Influencing Transit Ridership: A Review and Analysis of the Ridership Literature 2003, Fall 681

Brown, Jeffrey, Daniel Baldwin Hess, and Donald Shoup BruinGo: An Evaluation 2003, Fall 680

Prozzi, Jorge A., and Samer Madanat Analysis of Experimental Pavement Failure Data Using Duration Models 2003, Fall 679

Taylor, Brian D. When Finance Leads to Planning: Urban Planning, Highway Planning, and Metropolitan Freeways in California 2003, Fall 678

Lam, Terence C., and Kenneth A. Small The Value of Time and Reliability: Measurement from a Value Pricing Experiment 2003, Fall 677

Boarnet, Marlon G., Kristen Day, and Craig Anderson Evaluation of the California Safe Routes to School Construction Program 2003, Fall 676

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Truck-Involved Crashes and Traffic Levels on Urban Freeways 2003, Fall 675

Steimetz, Seiji S.C., and David Brownstone Heterogeneity in Commuters’ "Value of Time" with Noisy Data: a Multiple Imputation Approach 2003, Fall 674

Song, Jiongjiong, and Amelia C. Regan Combinatorial Auctions for Trucking Service Procurement: An Examination of Carrier Bidding Policies 2003, Fall 673

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Surveying and Modeling Trucking Industry Perceptions, Preferences and Behavior 2003, Fall 672

Nixon, Hilary, and Jean-Daniel Saphores The Impacts of Motor Vehicle Operation on Water Quality: A Preliminary Assessment 2003, Fall 671

Mokhtarian, Patricia L., Gustavo O. Collantes, and Carsten Gertz Telecommuting, Residential Location, and Commute Distance Traveled: Evidence from State of California Employees 2003, Fall 670

Reilly, Michael, and John Landis The Influence of Built-Form and Land Use on Mode Choice 2003, Fall 669

Brownstone, David, and Kenneth A. Small Valuing Time and Reliability: Assessing the Evidence from Road Pricing Demonstrations 2003, Fall 668

De Valois, Karen K., Tatsuto Takeuchi, and Michael Disch Judging the Speed of Pedestrians and Bicycles at Night 2003, Fall 667

Nixon, Hilary, and Jean-Daniel Saphores Used Oil Policies to Protect the Environment: An Overview of Canadian Experiences 2003, Fall 666

Clark, William A.V., and Youqin Huang Black and White Commuting Behavior in a Large Segregated City: Evidence from Atlanta 2003, Fall 665

Cassidy, Michael J., and Shadi B. Anani Stationary Models of Unqueued Freeway Traffic and Some Effects of Freeway Geometry 2003, Summer 664

Zhang, H. Michael, and T. Kim Understanding and Modeling Driver Behavior in Dense Traffic Flow 2003, Summer 663

Zhang, H. Michael, and T. Kim A Car-Following Theory for Multiphase Vehicular Traffic Flow 2003, Summer 662

Zheng, Yi, Bo Wang, H. Michael Zhang, and Debbie Niemeier A New Gridding Method for Zonal Travel Activity and Emissions Using Bicubic Spline Interpolation 2003, Summer 661

Nombela, Gustavo, and Ginés de Rus Flexible-Term Contracts for Road Franchising 2003, Summer 660

Brown, Jeffrey A Tale of Two Visions: Harland Bartholomew, Robert Moses, and the Development of the American Freeway 2003, Summer 659

Brown, Jeffrey Statewide Transportation Planning in California: Past Experience and Lessons for the Future 2003, Summer 658

Brown, Jeffrey Statewide Transportation Planning: Lessons from California 2003, Summer 657

Verhoef, Erik T., and Kenneth A. Small Product Differentiation on Roads: Constrained Congestion Pricing with Heterogeneous Users 2003, Summer 656

Blumenberg, Evelyn, and Kimiko Shiki Spatial Mismatch Outside of Large Urban Areas: An Analysis of Welfare Recipients in Fresno County, California 2003, Summer 655

Ong, Paul M., and Hyun-Gun Sung Exploratory Study of Spatial Variation in Car Insurance Premiums, Traffic Volume and Vehicle Accidents 2003, Summer 654

Ong, Paul M., and Douglas Houston Spatial and Transportation Mismatch in Los Angeles 2003, Summer 653

Houston, Douglas, and Paul M. Ong Child Care Availability and Usage Among Welfare Recipients 2003, Summer 652

Li, Jianling, and Martin Wachs The Effects of Federal Transit Subsidy Policy on Investment Decisions: The Case of San Francisco's Geary Corridor 2003, Summer 651

Kim, Taewan, and H. Michael Zhang An Empirical Study of the Time Gap and its Relation to the Fundamental Diagram 2003, Summer 650

Atamtürk, Alper, and Juan Carlos Muñoz A Study of the Lot-Sizing Polytope 2003, Summer 649

Cervero, Robert Induced Demand: An Urban and Metropolitan Perspective 2003, Summer 648

Boarnet, Marlon G., and Saksith Chalermpong New Highways, House Prices, and Urban Development: A Case Study of Toll Roads in Orange County, CA 2003, Summer 647

Blumenberg, Evelyn, and Kimiko Shiki How Welfare Recipients Travel on Public Transit, and Their Accessibility to Employment Outside Large Urban Centers 2003, Summer 646

Zhou, Jianyu (Jack), and Reginald Golledge An Analysis of Variability of Travel Behavior within One-Week Period Based on GPS 2003, Summer 645

Goldman, Todd, and Martin Wachs A Quiet Revolution in Transportation Finance: The Rise of Local Option Transportation Taxes 2003, Summer 644

Forster, Paul W., and Amelia C. Regan Electronic Integration in the Air Cargo Industry: An Information Processing Model of On-Time Performance 2003, Summer 643

Daganzo, Carlos, and Karen R. Smilowitz Asymptotic Approximations for the Transportation LP and Other Scalable Network Problems 2003, Summer 642

Wang, Chuanxu, and Amelia C. Regan Reducing Risks in Logistics Outsourcing 2003, Summer 641

Song, Jiongjiong, and Amelia C. Regan Combinatorial Auctions for Transportation Service Procurement: The Carrier Perspective 2003, Summer 640

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Trucking Industry Preferences for Driver Traveler Information Using Wireless Internet-enabled Devices 2003, Summer 639

Song, Jiongjiong, and Amelia C. Regan Approximation Algorithms for the Bid Construction Problem in Combinatorial Auctions for the Procurement of Freight Transportation Contracts 2003, Summer 638

Song, Jiongjiong, and Amelia C. Regan An Auction Based Collaborative Carrier Network 2003, Summer 637

Song, Jiongjiong, and Amelia C. Regan Transition or Transformation? Emerging Freight Transportation Intermediaries 2003, Summer 636

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan CVO Perspectives on the Usefulness of Various Sources of Traffic Information 2003, Summer 635

Regan, Amelia C., and Jiongjiong Song An Industry in Transition: Third Party Logistics in the Information Age 2003, Summer 634

Thomas, John Survey and Focus Group Report: Local Governments and the National ITS Architecture 2003, Spring 633

Leigland, Adam Transportation Management Systems 2003, Spring 632

Ni, Jason, and Elizabeth Deakin On-Board Advanced Traveler Information Systems 2003, Spring 631

McDonald, Noreen Multipurpose Smart Cards in Transportation: Benefits and Barriers to Use 2003, Spring 630

Flamm, Bradley Advanced Technologies in Public Transportation 2003, Spring 629

Flamm, Bradley Explaining Intelligent Transportation Systems to the Public: California transportation planning agencies and the World Wide Web 2003, Spring 628

Conroy, Pat, and Jean-Luc Ygnace Institutional and Organizational Factors for the Successful Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): International Comparisons 2003, Spring 627

Cheon, Sanghyun Emerging Vehicle Technology and Implementation Barriers 2003, Spring 626

Cheon, Sanghyun The Deployment Efforts for Intelligent Infrastructure and Implications and Obstacles 2003, Spring 625

Cheon, Sanghyun An Overview of Automated Highway Systems (AHS) and the Social and Institutional Challenges They Face 2003, Spring 624

Bhatia, Pratyush ITS / Commercial Vehicle Operations 2003, Spring 623

Bhatia, Pratyush Vehicle Technologies to Improve Performance and Safety 2003, Spring 622

Deakin, Elizabeth, et al. Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Compendium of Technology Summaries 2003, Spring 621

Cairns, Shannon, Jessica Greig, and Martin Wachs Environmental Justice & Transportation: A Citizen's Handbook 2003, Spring 620

Sperling, Daniel, and Timothy Lipman International Assessment of Electric-Drive Vehicles: Policies, Markets, and Technologies 2003, Spring 619

Quinet, Emile, and Daniel Sperling Environmental Protection 2003, Spring 618

Bedsworth, Louise Wells, and William E. Kastenberg Science and Uncertainty in Environmental Regulation: Insights from the Evaluation of California's Smog Check Program 2003, Spring 617

Shoup, Donald C. Truth in Transportation Planning 2003, Spring 616

Shoup, Donald C. Buying Time at the Curb 2003, Spring 615

Liggett, Robin, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, and Hiroyuki Iseki Journeys to Crime: Assessing the Effects of a Light Rail Line on Crime in the Neighborhoods 2003, Spring 614

Liggett, Robin, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, and Hiroyuki Iseki Bus Stop - Environment Connection: Do Characteristics of the Built Environment Correlate with Bus Stop Crime? 2003, Spring 613

Bunch, David S., David Brownstone, and Thomas F. Golob A Dynamic Forecasting System for Vehicle Markets With Clean-Fuel Vehicles 2003, Spring 612

Koenig, Brett E., Dennis K. Henderson, and Patricia L. Mokhtarian The Travel and Emissions Impacts of Telecommuting for the State of California Telecommuting Pilot Project 2003, Spring 611

Salomon, Ilan, and Patricia L. Mokhtarian Driven to Travel: The Identification of Mobility-Inclined Market Segments 2003, Spring 610

Salomon, Ilan, and Patricia L. Mokhtarian What Happens When Mobility-Inclined Market Segments Face Accessibility-Enhancing Policies? 2003, Spring 609

Bagley, Michael N., Patricia L. Mokhtarian, and Ryuichi Kitamura A Methodology for the Disaggregate, Multidimensional Measurement of Residential Neighborhood Type 2003, Spring 608

Bagley, Michael N., and Patricia Mokhtarian The Impact of Residential Neighborhood Type on Travel Behavior: A Structural Equations Modeling Approach 2003, Spring 607

Bagley, Michael N., and Patricia Mokhtarian The Role of Lifestyle and Attitudinal Characteristics in Residential Neighborhood Choice 2003, Spring 606

Brownstone, David, and Charles Lave Transportation Energy Use 2003, Spring 605

Cervero, Robert, and Michael Duncan Residential Self Selection and Rail Commuting: A Nested Logit Analysis 2003, Spring 604

Ong, Paul, and Douglas Houston Travel Patterns and Welfare to Work 2003, Spring 603

Golledge, Reginald G., and Tommy Gärling Spatial Behavior in Transportation Modeling and Planning 2003, Spring 602

Golledge, Reginald G., and Tommy Gärling Cognitive Maps and Urban Travel 2003, Spring 601

Zhou, Jianyu (Jack), and Reginald Golledge A GPS-based Analysis of Household Travel Behavior 2003, Spring 600

Clark, William A. V., and Youqin Huang Commuting Distance Sensitivity by Race and Socio-Economic Status 2003, Spring 599

Golob, Thomas F., David S. Bunch, and David Brownstone A Vehicle Use Forecasting Model Based on Revealed and Stated Vehicle Type Choice and Utilization Data 2003, Spring 598

Brownstone, David, David S. Bunch, and Kenneth Train Joint Mixed Logit Models of Stated and Revealed Preferences for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles 2003, Spring 597

Brownstone, David, and Kenneth Train Forecasting New Product Penetration with Flexible Substitution Patterns 2003, Spring 596

Brownstone, David, David S. Bunch, Thomas F. Golob, and Weiping Ren A Transactions Choice Model for Forecasting Demand for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles 2003, Spring 595

Brownstone, David Multiple Imputation Methodology for Missing Data, Non-Random Response, and Panel Attrition 2003, Spring 594

Brownstone, David, and Robert G. Valletta Modeling Earnings Measurement Error : A Multiple Imputation Approach 2003, Spring 593

Brownstone, David Discrete Choice Modeling for Transportation 2003, Spring 592

Golob, Thomas F., Jane Torous, Mark Bradley, David Brownstone, Soheila Soltani Crane, and David S. Bunch Commercial Fleet Demand for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles in California 2003, Spring 591

Brownstone, David, and Xuehao Chu Multiply Imputed Sampling Weights for Consistent Interference with Panel Attrition 2003, Spring 590


Muñoz, Juan Carlos, and Carlos F. Daganzo Fingerprinting traffic from static freeway sensors 2002, Fall 589

Sperling, Daniel Updating Automotive Research 2002, Fall 588

Brodrick, Christie-Joy, Tomothy E. Lipman, Mohammed Farshchi, Nicholas P. Lutsey, Harry A. Dwyer, Daniel Sperling, S. William Gouse, III, D. Bruce Harris, and Foy G. King, Jr. Evaluation of fuel cell auxiliary power units for heavy duty diesel trucks 2002, Fall 587

Nesbitt, Kevin, and Daniel Sperling Fleet purchase behavior: decision processes and implications for new vehicle technologies and fuels 2002, Fall 586

Sperling, Daniel Public-private technology R&D partnerships: lessons from US partnership for a new generations of vehicles 2002, Fall 585

Kean, Andrew J., Robert F. Sawyer, Gary R. Kendall, and Robert A. Harley Trends in Exhaust Emissions from In-Use California Light-Duty Vehicles, 1994-2001 2002, Fall 584

Blumenberg, Evelyn, and Daniel Baldwin Hess Measuring the Role of Transportation in Facilitating the Welfare-to-Work Transition: Evidence from Three California Counties 2002, Fall 583

Blumenberg, Evelyn En-gendering Effective Planning: Transportation Policy and Low-Income Women 2002, Fall 582

Brownstone, David, Arindam Ghosh, Thomas F. Golob, Camilla Kazimi, and Dirk van Amelsfort Drivers’ Willingness-to-Pay to Reduce Travel Time: Evidence from the San Diego I-15 Congestion Pricing Project 2002, Fall 581

Golob, Thomas F. Structural Equation Modeling for Travel Behavior Research 2002, Fall 580

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Traffic Congestion and Trucking Managers’ Use of Automated Routing and Scheduling 2002, Fall 579

Gould, Jane, and Thomas F. Golob Consumer E-Commerce, Virtual Accessibility and Sustainable Transport 2002, Fall 578

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan The Perceived Usefulness of Different Sources of Traffic Information to Trucking Operations 2002, Fall 577

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Trucking Industry Adoption of Information Technology: A Structural Multivariate Discrete Choice Model 2002, Fall 576

Brownstone, David, Thomas F. Golob, and Camilla Kazimi Modeling Non-Ignorable Attrition and Measurement Error in Panel Surveys: An Application to Travel Demand Modeling 2002, Fall 575

Golob, Jacqueline M., and Thomas F. Golob Studying Road Pricing Policy with Panel Data Analysis: The San Diego I-15 HOT Lanes 2002, Fall 574

Golob, Thomas F. TravelBehavior.Com: Activity Approaches to Modeling the Effects of Information Technology on Personal Travel Behavior 2002, Fall 573

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Impacts of Information Technology on Personal Travel and Commercial Vehicle Operations 2002, Fall 572

Golob, Thomas F., and Amelia C. Regan Freight Industry Attitudes Towards Policies to Reduce Congestion 2002, Fall 571

Golob, Thomas F., and David A. Hensher Searching for Policy Priorities in the Formulation of a Freight Transport Strategy: An Analysis of Freight Industry Attitudes 2002, Fall 570

Ong, Paul M., Douglas Houston, John Horton and Linda L. Shaw Los Angeles County CalWORKs Transportation Needs Assessment 2002, Fall 569

Cohn, Theodore E., and Daniel Greenhouse Looking Beyond Photometry: What Can We Predict About the Effect of Light on the Human Eye? 2002, Fall 568

Cohn, Theodore E. Can We Save Energy Used to Power Traffic Signals Without Disrupting the Flow of Traffic? 2002, Fall 567

Cohn, Theodore E. Roadwise Signaling in the New Millennium 2002, Fall 566

Cohn, Theodore E., Sabrina Chan, Johnny Liang, and Jessica Vann Photometric Insights Gained from Watching an Audi 2002, Fall 565

Prozzi, Jorge A., and Samer M. Madanat Development of Pavement Performance Models by Combining Experimental and Field Data 2002, Fall 564

Guillaumot, Vincent M., Pablo L. Durango, and Samer M. Madanat Adaptive Optimization of Infrastructure Maintenance and Inspection Decisions under Performance Model Uncertainty 2002, Fall 563

Prozzi, Jorge A., and Samer M. Madanat A Non-linear Model for Predicting Pavement Serviceability 2002, Fall 562

Madanat, Samer M., Jorge A. Prozzi, and Michael Han Effect of Performance Model Accuracy on Optimal Pavement Design 2002, Fall 561

Goldman, Todd, Sam Corbett, and Martin Wachs Local Option Transportation Taxes in the United States - Part Two: "State-by-State Findings" 2002, Summer 560

Boarnet, Marlon, Saksith Tan Chalermpong New Highways, Induced Travel and Urban Growth Patterns: A "Before and After" Test 2002, Summer 559

Durango, Pablo, and Samer Madanat Optimal Maintenance and Repair Policies in Infrastructure Management Under Uncertain Facility Deterioration Rates: An Adaptive Control Approach 2002, Summer 558

Anderson, Craig, Marlon Boarnet, Tracy McMillan, Mariela Alfonzo, and Kristen Day Walking and Automobile Traffic Near Schools: Data To Support An Evaluation of School Pedestrian Safety Programs 2002, Summer 557

Wachs, Martin Fighting Congestion with Information Technology 2002, Summer 556

Boarnet, Marlon G., Saksith Tan Chalermpong, and Elizabeth Geho Specification Issues in Models of Population and Employment Growth 2002, Summer 555

Crabbe, Amber, Rachel Hiatt, Susan D. Poliwka, and Martin Wachs Local Transportation Sales Taxes: California's Experiment in Transportation Finance 2002, Summer 554

McCullough, William Shelton III Transit Service Contracting and Cost Efficiency 2002, Summer 553

Crabbe, Amber, Rachel Hiatt, Susie Poliwka and Martin Wachs Local Transportation Sales Taxes in California 2002, Summer 552

Deakin, Elizabeth The Changing Importance of Central Cities 2002, Spring 551

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris The Geography of Transit Crime: Documentation and Evaluation of Crime Incidence on and around the Green Line Stations in Los Angeles 2002, Spring 550

Elizabeth Deakin The Future of Transit: Market Oriented Services Will Include Small Vehicles 2002, Spring 549

Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Ilan Salomon, and Lothlorien S. Redmond Understanding the Demand For Travel: It's Not Purely "Derived" 2002, Spring 548

Andrew J. Kean, Eric Grosjean, Daniel Grosjean, and Robert A. Harley On-Road Measurement of Carbonyls in California Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions 2002, Spring 547

Small, Kenneth A., Clifford Winston, and Jia Yan Uncovering the Distribution of Motorists' Preferences for Travel Time and Reliability: Implications for Road Pricing 2002, Fall 546

Evelyn Blumenberg, Paul Ong, and Andrew Mondschein Uneven Access to Opportunities Welfare Recipients, Jobs, and Employment Support Services in Los Angeles 2002, Spring 545

Evelyn Blumenberg and Paul Ong CAR, BUSES, AND JOBS: Welfare Participants and Employment Access in Los Angeles 2002, Spring 544

Evelyn Blumenberg Planning for the Transportation Needs of Welfare Participants: Institutional Challenges to Collaborative Planning 2002, Spring 543

Paul M. Ong and Douglas Houston Transit, Employment, and Women on Welfare 2002, Spring 542

Paul Ong Car Access and Welfare-To-Work 2002, Spring 541

Ong, Paul M. Car Ownership and Welfare-to-Work 2002, Spring 540


Golledge, Reginald G., and Jianyu Zhou GPS-Based Tracking of Daily Activities 2001, Fall 539

Clark, William A. V., Youqin Huang, and Suzanne Davies Withers Does Commuting Distance Matter? Commuting Tolerance and Residential Change 2001, Fall 538

Deakin, Elizabeth The Central Valley: Coping with Growth and Change 2001, Fall 537

Deakin, Elizabeth, and Songju Kim Transportation Technologies: Implications for Planning 2001, Fall 536

Thomas, John V., and Elizabeth Deakin Addressing Environmental Challenges in the California Transportation Plan 2001, Fall 535

Ferrell, Christopher E., Songju Kim, and Elizabeth Deakin California’s Freight Patterns 2001, Fall 534

Wei, Kai, and Elizabeth Deakin Trends in California’s Jobs 2001, Fall 533

Shirgaokar, Manish, and Elizabeth Deakin California Housing Trends: Implications for Transportation Planning 2001, Fall 532

Ferrell, Christopher, and Elizabeth Deakin Changing California Lifestyles: Consequences for Mobility 2001, Fall 531

Thomas, John V., and Elizabeth Deakin California Demographic Trends: Implications for Transportation Planning 2001, Fall 530

Elizabeth Deakin, John Thomas, Christopher Ferrell, Kai Wei Manish Shirgaokar, Songju Kim, Jonathan Mason, Lilia Scott,and Vikrant Sood Overview and Summary: Twelve Trends for Consideration in California’s Transportation Plan 2001, Fall 529

Shoup, Donald C. Parking Cash Out 2001, Fall 528

Cervero, Robert, John Landis, Juan Onesimo Sandoval, and Mike Duncan The Transition from Welfare-to-Work: Policies to Stimulate Employment and Reduce Welfare Dependency 2001, Fall 527

Redmond, Lothlorien S. and Patricia L. Mokhtarian The Positive Utility of the Commute: Modeling Ideal Commute Time and Relative Desired Commute Amount 2001, Fall 526

Brown, Jeffrey, Daniel Baldwin Hess and Donald Shoup Unlimited Access (from Transportation 28) 2001, Fall 525

Goldman, Todd, Sam Corbett and Martin Wachs Local Option Transportation Taxes in the United States 2001, Fall 524

Burke, Andrew Meeting the New CARB ZEV Mandate Requirements: Grid-Connected Hybrids and City Evs 2001, Fall 523

Turrentine, Thomas S. and Kenneth S. Kurani Marketing Clean and Efficient Vehicles: Workshop Proceedings 2001, Fall 522

Mokhtarian, Patricia L. and Ilan Salomon How Derived is the Demand for Travel? Some Conceptual and Measurement Considerations 2001, Fall 521

Cervero, Robert Road Expansion, Urban Growth, and Induced Travel: A Path Analysis 2001, Fall 520

Deakin, Elizabeth Sustainable Development & Sustainable Transportation: Strategies for Economic Prosperity, Environmental Quality, and Equity 2001, Fall 519

Deakin, Elizabeth, Chris Ferrell, Tanu Sankalia and Patricia Sepulveda The San Pablo Dam Road Commercial District in El Sobrante, California: Baseline Study 2001, Fall 518

Mason, Jonathan and Elizabeth Deakin Information Technology and the Implications for Urban Transportation 2001, Fall 517

Leung, Carolyn, Evelyn Blumenberg and Julia Heintz-Mackoff The Journey to Work: UCLA Symposium on Welfare Reform and Transportation 2002, Fall 516

Boarnet, Marlon G. and Andrew F. Haughwout Do Highways Matter? Evidence and Policy Implications of Highways' Influence on Metropolitan Development 2001, Fall 515

Innes, Judith E., and Judith Gruber Bay Area Transportation Decision Making in the Wake of ISTEA: Planning Styles in Conflict at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission 2001, Spring 514

Webber, Melvin M. The Joys of Spread-city 2001, Winter 513

Small, Kenneth A., and Jia Yan The Value of "Value Pricing" of Roads: Second-Best Pricing and Product Differentiation 2001, Winter 512

Hansen, Mark, David Gillen, and Mohnish Puvathingal Freeway Expansion and Land Development: An Empirical Analysis of Transportation Corridors 2001, Winter 511

Johnston, Robert A., and Tomas de la Barra Comprehensive regional modeling for long-range planning: linking integrated urban models and geographic information systems Winter 2001 510

Shoup, Donald C., and Jeffrey Brown Pricing Our Way Out of Traffic Congestion: parking cash out and HOTlanes 2001, Winter 509

Shoup, Donald C. The trouble with minimum parking requirements 2001, Winter 508

Shoup, Donald C. In Lieu of Required Parking 2001, Winter 507

Shoup, Donald C., and Mary Jane Breinholt Employer-Paid Parking: A Nationwide Survey of Employers' Parking Subsidy Policies 2001, Winter 506

Singer, Brett C., Thomas W. Kirchstetter, Robert A. Harley, Gary R. Kendall, and James M. Hesson A Fuel-Based Approach to Estimating Motor Vehicle Cold-Start Emissions 2001, Winter 505

Dahlgren, Joy High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes: Not Always More Effective Than General Purpose Lanes 2001, Winter 504

Dahlgren, Joy HOV Lanes: Are they the best way to reduce congestion and air pollution 2001, Winter 503

Dahlgren, Joy In What Situations Do High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Perform Better Than General Purpose Lanes 2001, Winter 502

Jacobs, Allan B., Yodan Y. Rofe, and Elizabeth S. Macdonald Another Look at Boulevards 2001, Winter 501

Jacobs, Allan B., Yodan Y. Rofe, and Elizabeth Macdonald Guidelines for the Design of Multiple Roadway Boulevards 2001, Winter 500

Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia Revisiting Inner-City Strips: A Framework for Community and Economic Development 2001, Winter 499

Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia Transit-Oriented Development in the Inner City: A Delphi Survey 2001, Winter 498

Fielding, Gordon J. Private Toll Roads: Acceptability of Congestion Pricing in Southern California 2001, Winter 497

Garrison, William L. Innovation and Transportation's Technologies 2001, Winter 496

Garrison, William L. Technological Changes and Transportation Development 2001, Winter 495

Lipman, Timothy E., and Daniel Sperling Forecasting the Costs of Automotive PEM Fuel Cell Systems: Using Bounded Manufacturing Progress Functions 2001, Winter 494

Brodrick, C.J., M. Farshchi, H.A. Dwyer, D. Sperling, S.W. Gouse, W. Doelling, J. Hoelzer, and M. Jackson Urea-SCR System Demonstration and Evaluation for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks 2001, Winter 493

Contadini, J. Fernando, Robert M. Moore, Daniel Sperling, and Meena Sundaresan Life-Cycle Emissions of Alternative Fuels for Transportation: Dealing with Uncertainties 2001, Winter 492

Kean, Andrew J., Robert A. Harley, David Littleton, and Gary R. Kendall On-Road Measurement of Ammonia and Other Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2001, Winter 491

Raney, Elizabeth A., Patricia L. Mokhtarian, and Ilan Salomon Modeling individual's consideration of strategies to cope with congestion 2001, Winter 490

Wachs, Martin The Motorization of North America: causes, consequences, and speculations on possible futures 2001, Winter 489

Taylor, Brian D., Asha Weinstein, and Martin Wachs Reforming Highway Finance 2001, Winter 488

Wachs, Martin Refocusing Transportation Planning for the 21st Century 2001, Winter 487

Wachs, Martin Linkages Between Transportation Planning and the Environment 2001, Winter 486

Li, Jianling and Martin Wachs A test of inter-modal performance measures for transit investment decisions 2001, Winter 485

Wachs, Martin New Expectations for Transportation Data 2001, Winter 484

Hill, Mary C., Brian D. Taylor, Asha Weinstein, and Martin Wachs Assessing the Need for Highways 2001, Winter 483

Ang-Olson, Jeffrey, Martin Wachs, and Brian D. Taylor Variable-Rate State Gasoline Taxes 2001, Winter 482

Dill, Jennifer, Todd Goldman, and Martin Wachs California Vehicle License Fees: Incidence and Equity 2001, Winter 481

Small, Kenneth A. Using the Revenues from Congestion Pricing 2001, Winter 480

Golledge, Reginald G., James R. Marston, and C. Michael Costanzo The Impact of Information Access on Travel Behavior of Blind or Vision Impaired People 2001, Winter 479

Golledge, Reginald G., James R. Marston, and C. Michael Costanzo Attitudes of Visually Impaired Persons Toward the Use of Public Transportation 2001, Winter 478

Albert, William S., and Reginald G. Golledge The Use of Spatial Cognitive Abilities in Geographic Information Systems: The Map Overlay Operation 2001, Winter 477

Marston, James R., and Reginald G. Golledge Improving Transit Access for the Blind and Vision Impaired 2001, Winter 476

Marston, James R., and Reginald Golledge Removing functional barriers: Public transit and the blind and vision impaired 2001, Winter 475

Marston, James R., Reginald Golledge, and C. Michael Costanzo Investigating travel behavior of nondriving blind and vision impaired people: The role of public transit 2001, Winter 474

Golledge, Reginald G. The Relationship Between Geographic Information Systems and Disaggregate Behavioral Travel Modeling 2001, Winter 473

Golledge, Reginald G., Jack M. Loomis, and Roberta L. Klatzky A New Direction for Applied Geography 2001, Winter 472

Golledge, Reginald G. Geographical Theories 2001, Winter 471

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