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Faculty Research Grants and Dissertation Research Grants

UCTC was recently awarded a federal University Transportation Center grant as the Region 9 center of the US Department of Transportation, with joint funding support from Caltrans. UCTC’s research mission spans three important, and not unrelated, topics: environmental sustainability, economic competitiveness, and livability. Research proposals are to be in one or more of these focus areas. Research may be in any discipline, and multidisciplinary topics are encouraged when appropriate. UCTC research focuses on surface (ground) transportation but proposals on air or maritime transportation topics that have significant surface transportation components within these three themes will also be considered. Caltrans is also interested in research topics consistent with UCTC’s theme as listed in the Appendix to the RFP posted on the Faculty Research Grants page.

Multidisciplinary research among these three thematic areas is encouraged as are collaborations across UC campuses and among faculty from UCTC affiliates at California State University campuses of Pomona, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Sacramento.

Please note: PIs may submit only one proposal as either a PI or co-PI. Faculty may be a non-PI or non co-PI on more than one proposal. In partnership with UC PIs, CSU faculty with PI status may participate in and co-PI interdisciplinary multi-campus proposals that address two or more UCTC themes.

UCTC allows just one research project at a time per PI. If a PI has one or more incomplete UCTC-funded research projects, then this PI may not receive new research support until prior work is completed.

For additional details on the 2013-2014 UCTC faculty grants, please visit the Faculty Research Grants Page.

To submit a UCTC-funded paper for posting to our website, please send the paper to [email protected]. Please also note which research grant supported this paper.

For email addresses and reporting forms, please visit the Forms page.

Separate Program for Dissertation Grants

Faculty members seeking funding for dissertation students should inform doctoral students of UCTC’s Dissertation grant program. Faculty members should not submit a proposal to support dissertation work under this faculty research grant program but instead should direct the student to apply for a dissertation grant. Research that substantially supports a dissertation will not be funded through a faculty research grant.