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Research—Faculty Papers

1991-1995 (numbers 154-290)

UCTC faculty have published nearly 900 papers since the center's founding. Because the files are so large, we have broken them into chronological chunks.

Below are the papers from 1995 back through 1991 (paper numbers going back 290 to 154.) Additional files can be found on the sidebar.

At times, a paper was not published on the UCTC site until some time after it first appeared. If you don't find it in the year you expect, try searching by author, using the UCTC site search box above.

Regan, Katherine M. and John M. Quigley Teenage Employment and the Spatial Isolation of Minority and Poverty Households 1995 290

HŒrsman, Bjšrn Worker and Workplace Heterogeneity, Transport Access, and Residential Location: A Historical Perspective on Stockholm 1995 289

Ruud, Paul A. Restricted Least Squares Subject to Monotonicity and Concavity Constraints 1995 288

Golob, Thomas F. and Michael G. McNally A Model of Household Interactions in Activity Participation and the Derived Demand for Travel 1995; 1997 287

Golob, Thomas F., Mark A. Bradley and John W. Polak Travel and Activity Participation as Influenced by Car Availability and Use 1995 286

Landis, John D., Subhrajit Guhathakurta, William Huang, and Ming Zhang Rail Transit Investments, Real Estate Values, and Land Use Change: A Comparative Analysis of Five California Rail Transit Systems 1995 285

Mokhtarian, Patricia L. and Ilan Salomon Modeling the Desire to Telecommute: The Importance of Attitudinal Factors in Behavioral Models 1995 284

Chatti, Karim, John Lysmer and Carl L. Monismith Dynamic Finite-Element Analysis of Jointed Concrete Pavements 1995 283

Mannering, Jill S. and Patricia L. Mokhtarian Modeling the Choice of Telecommuting Frequency in California: An Exploratory Analysis 1995 282

Cervero, Robert and Carolyn Radisch Travel Choices in Pedestrian Versus Automobile Oriented Neighborhoods 1995 281

Kirchstetter, Thomas W., Brett C. Singer and Robert A. Harley Impacts of Oxygenated Gasoline Use on California Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions 1995 280

Barth, Matthew J. and Ramakrishna R. Tadi An Automobile/Transit Emissions Evaluation of Southern California's Metrolink 1995 279

Golledge, Reginald D. Defining the Criteria Used in Path Selection 1995 278

Golledge, Reginald G. Path Selection and Route Preference in Human Navigation: A Progress Report 1995 277

Glazer, Amihai and Charles Lave Regulation by Prices and by Command 1995 276

Glazer, Amihai, Daniel B. Klein and Charles Lave Clean on Paper, Dirty on the Road: Troubles with California's Smog Check 1995 275

Rosenbloom, Sandra and Elizabeth Burns Why Working Women Drive Alone: Implications for Travel Reduction Programs 1995 274

Rosenbloom, Sandra and Elizabeth Burns Gender Differences in Commuter Travel in Tucson: Implications for Travel Demand Management Programs 1995 273

Johnston, Robert A. The Evaluation of Multimodal Transportation Systems for Economic Efficiency and Other Impacts 1995 272

Johnston, Robert A. and Caroline J. Rodier Critique of Metropolitan Planning Organizations' Capabilities for Modeling Transportation Control Measures in California 1995 271

Johnston, Robert A., Jay R. Lund and Paul P. Craig Capacity-Allocation Methods for Reducing Urban Traffic Congestion 1995 270

Johnston, Robert A. and Raju Ceerla Effects of Land Use Intensification and Auto Pricing Policies on Regional Travel, Emissions, and Fuel Use 1995 269

Johnston, Robert A. The Evaluation of Transportation and Land Use Plans Using Linked Economic and GIS Models 1995 268

Majewski, John, Christopher Baer and Daniel B. Klein Responding to Relative Decline: The Plank Road Boom of Antebellum New York 1995 267

Crane, Randall On Form Versus Function: Will the 'New Urbanism' Reduce Traffic, or Increase It? 1995 266

Henderson, Dennis K., Brett E. Koenig and Patricia L. Mokhtarian Using Travel Diary Data to Estimate the Emissions Impacts of Transportation Strategies: The Puget Sound Telecommuting Demonstration Project 1995 265

Mokhtarian, Patricia L. and Ilan Salomon Modeling the Choice of Telecommuting 3: Identifying the Choice Set and Estimating Binary Choice Models for Technology-Based Alternatives 1995 264

Mokhtarian, Patricia L. and Ilan Salomon Modeling the Choice of Telecommuting 2: A Case of the Preferred Impossible Alternative 1995 263

Shaw, John Transit-Based Housing and Residential Satisfaction: Review of the Literature and Methodological Approach 1995, Fall 262

Sperling, Daniel Prospects for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles 1995, Fall 261

Hsu, Shi-Ling and Daniel Sperling Uncertain Air Quality Impacts of Automobile Retirement Programs 1995, Fall 260

Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia and Tridib Banerjee Form Follows Transit? The Blue Line Corridor's Development Potentials 1994 259

Lipman, Timothy E., Kenneth S. Kurani and Daniel Sperling (editors) Proceedings of the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Workshop: A Policy, Technology, and Research Conference 1994 258

Swan, D.H., B.E.Dickinson and M.P. Arikara Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Characterization for Electric Vehicle Applications 1994 257

Sperling, Daniel and Mark A. Delucchi Alternative Transportation Energy 1993 256

Boarnet, Marlon G. Transportation Infrastructure, Economic Productivity, and Geographic Scale: Aggregate Growth versus Spatial Redistribution 1995 255

Kwan, Mei-Po and Reginald G. Golledge Integration of GIS with Activity-based Model in ATIS 1996 254

Rubin, Jonathan D. and Catherine Kling An Emission Saved is an Emission Earned: An Empirical Study of Emission Banking for Light Duty Vehicle Manufacturers 1995, Fall 253

Cervero, Robert, Thomas Kirk, Douglas Mount, and Carma Reed Paratransit in the San Francisco Bay Area: Providing Feeder Connections to Rail 1995 252

Rodier, Caroline J. and Robert A. Johnston Incentives for Local Governments to Implement Travel Demand Management Measures 1995 251

Boarnet, Marlon G. and Randall Crane L.A. Story: A Reality Check for Transit-Based Housing 1995 250

Cervero, Robert, Alfred Round, Carma Reed, and Brian Clark The All-Electric Commute: An Assessment of the Market Potential for Station Cars in the San Francisco Bay Area 1994 249

Jacobs, Allan B., Yodan Y. Rof´┐Ż and Elizabeth S. Macdonald Boulevards: A Study of Safety, Behavior, and Usefulness 1994 248

Cervero, Robert and Peter Bosselmann An Evaluation of the Market Potential for Transit-Oriented Development Using Visual Simulation Techniques 1995 247

Landis, John D., Subhrajit Guhathakurta and Ming Zhang Capitalization of Transportation Investments into Single Family Home Prices: A Comparative Analysis of California Transit Systems and Highways 1994 246

Landis, John D. and Ming Zhao Pilot Study of Solano and Sonoma Land Use and Development Policy Alternatives 1994 245

Landis, John D. The California Urban Futures Model: A New Generation of Metropolitan Simulation Models 1994 244

Klein, Daniel B. and John Majewski Plank Road Fever in Antebellum America: New York State Origins 1995 243

Cervero, Robert and Val Menotti Market Profiles of Rail-Based Housing Projects in California 1995 242

Burns, Elizabeth K. Linking Geographic Information Systems and Trip Reduction: Limitations in a Pilot Application 1995 241

Crane, Randall The Influence of Expected Suburbanization on Urban Form and the Journey to Work 1995 240

Crane, Randall Cars and Drivers in the New Suburbs: Linking Access to Travel in Neotraditional Planning 1995 239

Klein, Daniel B. and Chi Yin The Private Provision of Frontier Infrastructure: Toll Roads in California, 1850-1902 1995 238

Small, Kenneth A. and Camilla Kazimi On the Costs of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles 1995 237

Southworth, Michael and Raymond Isaacs SmartMaps for Advanced Traveler Information Systems Based on User Characteristics Final Report 1995 236

Handy, Susan L. Regional versus Local Accessibility: Neo-Traditional Development and Its Implications for Non-Work Travel 1995 235

Handy, Susan L. Regional versus Local Accessibility: Implications for Nonwork Travel 1995 234

Handy, Susan L. A Cycle of Dependence: Automobiles, Accessibility, and the Evolution of the Transportation and Retail Hierarchies 1995 233

Kurani, Kenneth S., Thomas Turrentine and Daniel Sperling Demand for Electric Vehicles in Hybrid Households: An Exploratory Analysis 1995 232

Lave, Charles State and National VMT Estimates: It Ain't Necessarily So 1995 231

Garrison, William L. and Reginald R. Souleyrette II The Relationship between Transportation and Innovation 1995 230

Guensler, Randall and Daniel Sperling Congestion Pricing and Motor Vehicle Emissions: An Initial Review 1995 229

Schipper, Lee, Maria Josefina Figueroa, Lynn Price, and Molly Espey. Mind the Gap: The Vicious Circle of Measuring Automobile Fuel Use 1995 228

Wang, Quanlu, Daniel Sperling and Janis Olmstead Emission Control Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles 1995 227

Burns, Elizabeth K. Employee and Student Trip Reduction: First Year Results from Metropolitan Phoenix 1995 226

Lem, Lewison Lee, Jian-Ling Li and Martin Wachs Comprehensive Transit Performance Indicators 1995 225

Golob, Thomas F., Seyoung Kim and Weiping Ren A Structural Model of Vehicle Use in Two-Vehicle Households 1995 224


Cervero, Robert, Michael Bernick and Jill Gilbert Market Opportunities and Barriers to Transit-Based Development in California 1994 223

Leavitt, Daniel, Peter Cheng, Erin Vaca, and Peter Hall Potential for Improved Intercity Passenger Rail Service in California: Study of Corridors, Calspeed Series 1994 222

Brownstone, David, David S. Bunch and Thomas F. Golob A Demand Forecasting System for Clean-Fuel Vehicles 1994 221

Giuliano, Genevieve and Kenneth A. Small The Determinants of Growth of Employment Subcenters 1994 220

Small, Kenneth A. Economics and Urban Transportation Policy in the United States 1994 219

Golledge, Reginald G., Mei-Po Kwan and Tommy GŠrling Computational-Process Modeling of Household Travel Decisions Using a Geographical Information System 1994 218

GŠrling, Tommy, Mei-Po Kwan and Reginald G. Golledge Computational-Process Modeling of Household Activity Scheduling 1994 217

Choy, Manhoi, Mei-Po Kwan and Hong Va Leong On Real-Time Distributed Geographical Database Systems 1994 216

Kwan, Mei-Po and Reginald G. Golledge Contributions of GIS to ATIS 1994 215

Golledge, Reginald G., Valerie Dougherty and Scott Bell Survey Versus Route-Based Wayfinding in Unfamiliar Environments 1994 214

Golledge, Reginald G. Time and Space in Route Preference 1994 213

Golledge, Reginald G. Place Recognition and Wayfinding: Making Sense of Space 1994 212

Golledge, Reginald G. Do People Understand Spatial Concepts: The Case of First-Order Primitives 1994 211

Golledge, Reginald G., Mei-Po Kwan and Tommy GŠrling Computational Process Modeling of Travel Decisions: Empirical Tests 1994 210

GŠrling, Tommy, Mei-Po Kwan and Reginald G. Golledge Computational-Process Modeling of Travel Decisions: Review and Conceptual Analysis 1994 209

Novaco, Raymond W. and Cheryl Collier Commuting Stress, Ridesharing, and Gender: Analyses from the 1993 State of the Commute Study in Southern California 1994 208

Cohn, Theodore E. Integration by the Human Eye: Implications for Warning Signal Design 1994 207

Wang, Quanlu, Catherine Kling and Daniel Sperling Light-Duty Vehicle Exhaust Emission Control Cost Estimates Using a Part-Pricing Approach 1994 206

Shoup, Donald C. Cashing Out Employer-Paid Parking: A Precedent for Congestion Pricing? 1994 205

Shoup, Donald C. An Opportunity to Reduce Minimum Parking Requirements 1994 204

Walls, W. David Competition and Prices in the Deregulated Gas Pipeline Network: A Multivariate Cointegration Analysis 1994 203

De Vany, Arthur and W. David Walls Network Connectivity and Price Convergence: Gas Pipeline Deregulation 1994 202

Walls, W. David A Cointegration Rank Test of Market Linkages with an Application to the U.S. Natural Gas Industry 1994 201

De Vany, Arthur and W. David Walls Pipeline Access and Market Integration in the Natural Gas Industry: Evidence from Cointegration Tests 1994 200

Chu, Xuehao Endogenous Trip Scheduling: The Henderson Approach Reformulated and Compared with the Vickrey Approach 1994 199

Song, Shunfeng Monocentric and Polycentric Density Functions and Their Required Commutes 1994 198

Song, Shunfeng Does Generalizing Density Functions Better Explain Urban Commuting? Some Evidence from the Los Angeles Region 1994 197

Song, Shunfeng Modelling Worker Residence Distribution in the Los Angeles Region 1994 196

Glazer, Amihai and Esko Niskanen Why Voters May Prefer Congested Public Clubs 1994 195

Glazer, Amihai and Refael Hassin Governmental Failures in Evaluating Programs 1994 194

Glazer, Amihai and Esko Niskanen When Do Consumers Favor Price Increases: With Applications to Congestion and to Regulation 1994 193

Glazer, Amihai and Kai A. Konrad Ameliorating Congestion by Income Redistribution 1994 192

Jayakrishnan, R., Wei T. Tsai, Joseph N. Prashker, and Subodh Rajadhyaksha A Faster Path-Based Algorithm for Traffic Assignment 1994 191

Kim, Seyoung Gender Differences in Commuting: An Empirical Study of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area 1994 190

Chu, Xuehao and Gordon J. Fielding Electronic Road Pricing in Southern California: Policy Obstacles to Congestion Pricing 1994 189

Giuliano, Genevieve and Kenneth A. Small Alternative Strategies for Coping with Traffic Congestion 1994 188

Small, Kenneth A. Real Costs of Transportation and Influence of Pricing Policies 1994 187

Vaca, Erin, Thomas Bordeaux, Daniel Leavitt, and Peter Hall San Francisco / Sacramento - Los Angeles Corridor: Technical Appendix Calspeed Series 1994 186

Leavitt, Daniel, Erin Vaca and Peter Hall San Francisco / Sacramento - Los Angeles Corridor Calspeed Series 1994 185

Adler, Jeffrey L. and Michael G. McNally In-Laboratory Experiments to Investigate Driver Behavior Under Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) 1994 184

Sands, Brian D. The Transrapid Magnetic Levitation System: A Technical and Commercial Assessment Calspeed Series 1994 183

Vaca, Erin Intercity Rail Ridership Forecasting and the Implementation of High-Speed Rail in California, Calspeed Series 1994 182

Shaw, Peter L. Seaport-Surface Transportation Access and Air Quality 1994 181

Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia Retrofit of Urban Corridors: Land Use Policies and Design Guidelines for Transit-Friendly Environments 1994 180

Fielding, Gordon J. and Daniel B. Klein High Occupancy / Toll Lanes: Phasing in Congestion Pricing a Lane at a Time 1994 179

Cervero, Robert and Mark Dunzo An Assessment of Suburban-Targeted Transit Service Strategies in the United States 1994 178

Hall, Peter, Brian Sands and Walter Streeter Managing the Suburban Commute: A Cross-National Comparison of Three Metropolitan Areas 1994 177

Cervero, Robert Ridership Impacts of Transit-Focused Development in California 1994 176

Taylor, Brian D. and Paul M. Ong Racial and Ethnic Variations in Employment Access: An Examination of Residential Location and Commuting in Metropolitan Areas 1994 175

Adler, Jeffrey L., Thomas F. Golob and Michael G. McNally A Structural Model with Discrete-Choice Variables for Predicting Enroute Behavior Under ATIS 1994 174

Jayakrishnan, R., Michael G. McNally and Michael I. Cohen Simulation of Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS) Strategies to Reduce Non-Recurring Congestion from Special Events 1994 173

McNally, Michael G. Regional Impacts of Neotraditional Neighborhood Development 1994 172

Adler, Jeffrey L., Michael G. McNally and Wilfred W. Recker Interactive Simulation for Modeling Dynamic Driver Behavior in Response to ATIS 1994 171

Scott, Allen J. (editor) Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in Southern California: Current Developments, Future Prospects 1994 170

Cervero, Robert Surviving in the Suburbs: Transit's Ultimate Challenge 1994 169

Sperling, Daniel, Winardi Setiawan and David Hungerford The Target Market for Methanol Fuel 1995, Fall 168

Wachs, Martin, Brian D. Taylor, Ned Levine, and Paul Ong The Changing Commute: A Case Study of the Jobs/Housing Relationship over Time 1994 167

Wachs, Martin Learning from Los Angeles: Transport, Urban Form, and Air Quality 1994 166

Wachs, Martin Policy Implications of Recent Behavioral Research in Transportation Demand Management 1994 165

Giuliano, Genevieve, Keith Hwang and Martin Wachs Employee Trip Reduction in Southern California: First Year Results 1994 164

Glazer, Amihai, Daniel B. Klein and Charles Lave Clean for a Day: Troubles with California's Smog Check 1993 163

Hansen, Mark and Sharon Weinstein East Bay Ferry Service and the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Studies on the Loma Prieta Earthquake, No. 5 1994 162

Small, Kenneth A. and Shunfeng Song Population and Employment Densities: Structure and Change 1994 161

Cohn, Theodore E. and David J. Lasley Wallpaper Illusion: Cause of Disorientation and Falls on Escalators 1990 160

Lave, Charles Measuring the Decline in Transit Productivity in the U.S. 1994 159

Delucchi, Mark A. and J.M. Ogden Solar-Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles 1993 158

Lasley, David J., Russell D. Hamer, Robert Dister, and Theodore E. Cohn Postural Stability and Stereo-Ambiguity in Man-Designed Visual Environments 1994 157

Leavitt, Dan, Sean Ennis and Pat McGovern The Cost Escalation of Rail Projects: Using Previous Experience to Re-Evaluate the CalSpeed Estimates, CalSpeed Series 1994 156


Tsuchida, Pamela and Linda Wilshusen Commute Behavior in Santa Cruz County, Studies on the Loma Prieta Earthquake, No. 4 1991 155

Kroll, Cynthia A., John D. Landis, Qing Shen, and Sean Stryker Studies on the Loma Prieta Earthquake, No. 3 1991 154