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Names and email addresses of active participants-UCTC 2.0 Updates Forthcoming

UC Berkeley

Alexandre Bayen [email protected]
Peter C. Bosselman [email protected]
Michael J. Cassidy [email protected]
Robert Cervero [email protected] (UCTC Director)
Karen Chapple [email protected]
Daniel Chatman [email protected]
Jason Corburn [email protected]
Carlos Daganzo [email protected]
Elizabeth A. Deakin [email protected]
Karen Trapenberg Frick [email protected]
Mark Hansen [email protected]
Robert Harley [email protected]
J. Karl Hedrick [email protected]
Arpad Horvath [email protected]
Adib Kanafani [email protected]
Elizabeth Macdonald [email protected]
Samer Madanat [email protected] (UCTC Associate Director)
John M. Quigley [email protected]
David R. Ragland [email protected]
Alexander Skabardonis [email protected]
Michael Southworth [email protected]
Paul Waddell [email protected]
Joan Walker [email protected]

UC Davis

Paul Erickson[email protected]
YueYue Fan[email protected]
Susan Handy [email protected](UCTC Associate Director)
John Harvey[email protected]
Alissa Kendall [email protected]
Patricia Mokhtarian[email protected]
Deb Niemeier [email protected]
Joan Ogden[email protected]
Daniel Sperling[email protected]
Michael Zhang [email protected]

UC Irvine

Marlon G. Boarnet [email protected]
David Brownstone [email protected]
Jan Brueckner [email protected]
Linda Cohen [email protected]
Kristen Day [email protected]
Joseph DiMento [email protected]
Amihai Glazer [email protected]
Thomas Golob [email protected]
John D. (Doug)Houston [email protected]
R. Jayakrishnan [email protected]
Wenlong Jin [email protected]
Michael G. McNally [email protected]
Raymond W. Novaco [email protected]
Will Recker [email protected]
Amelia Regan [email protected]
Stephen G. Ritchie [email protected] (UCTC Associate Director)
Jean Daniel Saphores [email protected]
Kenneth A. Small [email protected]


Evelyn Blumenberg [email protected]
William A.V. Clark [email protected]
Randall D. Crane [email protected]
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris [email protected]
Paul Ong [email protected]
Allen J. Scott [email protected]
Donald C. Shoup [email protected]
Brian D. Taylor [email protected] (UCTC Associate Director)
Rui Wang [email protected]
Arthur Winer [email protected]
Allison Yoh [email protected]

UC Riverside

Richard Arnott [email protected]
Matthew J. Barth [email protected] (UCTC Associate Director)
Kanok Boriboonsomsin [email protected]

UC Santa Barbara

Antonio M. Bento [email protected]
Richard Church [email protected]
Konstadinos Goulias [email protected] (UCTC Associate Director)



CSU Pomona

Xudong Jia [email protected]
Richard W. Willson [email protected]

CSU Sacramento

Kevan Shafizadeh [email protected]

CSU San Bernardino

G.C. "Rusty" Thornton [email protected]

CSU at San Luis Obispo

Cornelius Nuworsoo [email protected]