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Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library (University of California)

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Dorothy Peyton Gray Library and Archives

Policy and Research:

American Planning Association

American Public Transportation Association

Association of Bay Area Governments

BRT Policy Center

California Air Resources Board

California High-Speed Rail Authority

California Transportation Commission

Los Angeles BRT Fact Sheet

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Los Angeles Orange Line

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Bay Area)

Mobility 21: the Southern California Transportation Coalition

National BRT Institute

Regional Science Association International

Resources for the Future

Southern California Association of Governments

SR-91 Express Lanes, Orange County, California

Texas Transportation Institute Congestion Reports

Transport for London Congestion Charging

Transportation Research Board

Transportation Research Forum

U of Minn. Congestion Pricing Home Page

The Urban Land Institute

Transportation Headlines:

Bernie Wagenblast Worldwide Transportation Headlines


ITS Berkeley Transportation Headlines (weekly)

Los Angeles Transportation Headlines from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Dorothy Peyton Gray Library and Archives (daily)

SafeTREC Traffic Safety Headlines (weekly)

Transportation Headlines from the (SF Bay Area) Metropolitan Transportation Commission (daily)


TRB E-News (weekly)

Toll Roads Newsletter


Transporters (UCLA Transportation Students)


"GO!" an online e-zine about transportation aimed at young people

Randall Crane’s Research Blog (UCLA)

Peter Gordon (USC)

Richard Green (USC)

The fast lane, DOT Secretary Ray LaHood’s blog

Streetsblog, a collection of bloggers on sustainable transport, smart growth and livable streets.

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Smog Blog

Getting There
Baltimore Sun Transportation Blog

The Infrastructurist

Ken Orski’s Transportation Briefs

The Transport Politic

Urban Returns (written from, but not limited to, Austin, TX)

All about Cities

A free forum for planning discussions. Registration required

The Naked City
By Mary Newsom, columnist and editor at the Charlotte Observer

The Where Blog

Next American City

Urbanism and the New Economy
By Craig Lewis, North Carolina-based city planner

Human Transit
Blog by Portland-based transit planning consultant Jarrett Walker

The Bellows
By Ryan Aven, Online Economics Editor for The Economist

Blog by UC Berkeley Economist J. Bradford deLong

Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog
By Clem Tillier Resident of the San Francisco Peninsula

Some of our sources:

Ken Small, UC Irvine