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Now Online: Doctoral Dissertation Research Grants from UC Berkeley 2013-2015

Update: UC Berkeley APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 2, 2014

The University of California Transportation Center (UCTC) was awarded a federal University Transportation Center grant as the Region 9 Center of the US Department of Transportation, with joint funding support by Caltrans. Each of the six UCTC core campuses is conducting a separate call for dissertation research grants. This is the call for dissertation grant proposals for UC Berkeley, being carried out in partnership with UCTC’s headquarters, overseen by UCTC Director Robert Cervero. As the Region 9 Center, UCTC’s research mission spans three important, and not unrelated, topics: environmental sustainability, economic competitiveness, and livability. Dissertation proposals should be in one or more of these focus areas. Doctoral research may be in any discipline and multidisciplinary topics are encouraged when appropriate. Also note that UCTC’s research focuses on surface (ground) transportation but proposals on air or maritime transportation topics that have significant surface transportation components within one or more of these three themes will also be considered.

The six UCTC core campuses are UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, and UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara. Doctoral students from these core campuses may apply to their home campus for a dissertation grant, and must be enrolled in any department or program that campus. Applicants must have advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree prior to the application deadlines and must be carrying out dissertation research on surface transportation topics tied to UCTC’s research focus areas. In addition, applicants may only apply a maximum of two times to this grant program.

UC Berkeley APPLICATION PROCESS Applicants must submit one (1) one electronic copy of their proposals to [email protected] no later than January 2, 2014. Documents are to be prepared as a single Word file (2007 or later) or PDF.

Download the UC Berkeley application materials here.


Applicants on other campuses should email the UCTC Associate Director at their campus:

Award recipients must provide UCTC with a paper copy and electronic version in PDF of the dissertation when it is completed. They should email the PDF to [email protected]. They should mail the hard copy to UCTC’s office address as listed on the UCTC Web site.

Students receiving UCTC fellowships are required to produce a report—either a GSR research product, a capstone thesis or professional report, or a dissertation—on a transportation or transportation-related subject and that is reviewed and approved by faculty advisors. UCTC fellowships must also go toward the completion of a graduate degree or specialization in the transportation field. Failure to satisfy these requirements will result in the forfeiture of this fellowship and necessitate that recipients reimburse UCTC of the full fellowship amount.