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Fall 2009 Director's Message from Robert Cervero

Robert Cervero, UCTC Director

Welcome as we begin a new academic term and UCTC’s 22nd year as the Region IX University Transportation Center. What is on a lot of peoples’ minds is the status of the next 6-year federal transport bill, which helps fund university research organizations like UCTC. What seems most likely is the extension of the current bill, which expires on September 30, by 18 months, meaning UCTC and other university centers will have to operate in a wait-and-see mode in the coming year. It’s important that we all stay involved and, to the degree we can, voice our opinions on the value of continuing federal and state support of university research and education in transportation.

Robert Cervero, UCTC Director
Among the changes in store for UCTC this term is a new editorship of ACCESS magazine. Professor Donald Shoup of UCLA takes over the editorial reins for the upcoming Fall 2009 issue of ACCESS. Don is a long-time contributor to ACCESS, known for his insightful research and pithy style of writing. Expect this to be reflected in the coming issues of the journal. Don and his staff at UCLA will also be assuming the managerial and production responsibilities of ACCESS, taking over from Melanie Curry who is stepping down to pursue graduate studies in transportation planning at Berkeley. Melanie will also work as a student researcher this academic year on a state Strategic Transit Plan, being carried out by faculty and student researchers from both Berkeley and UCLA.

UCTC’s Web site is in the midst of a facelift. Besides things like this Director’s message and more up-to-date news on UCTC happenings, we plan to post current features on student research and new faculty affiliates in coming months. We’ll be posting UCTC’s next Call for Faculty Research Proposals in the Fall as well, stressing areas of research interest as identified by our Advisory Committee. Doctoral students seeking UCTC support on their dissertations are reminded that the due date for Fall 2009 submissions is November 2. Visit our Web site regularly to keep on top of all things UCTC-related.

Among upcoming UCTC-supported events in the Fall are the 19th annual Lake Arrowhead Conference (October 18-20, focused on “Economic Crisis as Opportunity for Reform”) and the Martin Wachs Distinguish Lecture in Transportation. In early October, I and other UCTC affiliates will speak at the Governor’s Global Climate Summit 2 “On the Road to Copenhagen”, to be held in Los Angeles. This coming January, former UCTC Director Martin Wachs will give the Thomas Deen Distinguished Lecturership at the Annual TRB meeting in Washington. And for the Spring 2010 term, keep an eye open for two major UCTC-supported events: the 16th annual UCTC conference (April 1-2, at UC Irvine), and the Martin Wachs Distinguished Lecture, April 8, at UCLA.

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions about how to make what we do at UCTC even better. Your suggestions are always welcomed. New and exciting activities are planned for the coming year, thus stay tuned.

Best Regards,
Robert Cervero, UCTC Director
August 2009